Tackling Spam on the DataHub

We’ve seen increasing levels of spam recently on the DataHub even with the presence of captchas and other anti-spam devices.

Our immediate priority is to eliminate existing spam and get on top of new spam using human efforts before putting in place semi-automatic processes for stopping it.

We need your help!

We’re going to need help to tackle this – in particular, we’ll need some folks to get extra-special spam-fighting powers and act as spam-fighters. If you could spare a few minutes a day or even a week please let us know! You can either email me or sign up on this google doc:

Tackling Spam on the DataHub Doc »


  1. Removal – get rid of all existing spam
    • Despam user list
    • Despam dataset list
    • Despam “related”
  2. Stop it coming back in future
    • Establish a group of monitors working in rotation who kill spam as soon as it appears
    • Put in place new systems and processes to stop in future

Immediate Plan

Our immediate plans are to:

  1. Move to Organizations
  2. Remove existing spam

More details on both to follow soon. If you are interested in helping please add yourself to the list of volunteers in this doc (or tell us in the comments!).

If you have any other thoughts or ideas please let us know!

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