DataHub Important Community Update

11/09/2013 in News

TL;DR: changes are afoot for the DataHub. Following the recent (technical) upgrade its time for a community upgrade including new dedicated DataHub mailing lists and a call for contributors to new DataHub team.

We’re writing to give an important update on the DataHub – the community data hub powered by CKAN we’ve been running since 2006!

Over the last year or so DataHub has not kept up with the speed of change that has been happening within CKAN itself. As a result it hasn’t received as much attention as it should, and we feel it is high time to bring DataHub up to date and make it the awesome community owned and run data hub it can and should be!

DataHub is and will remain community run, and community owned, and will have a solid technical home within the Open Knowledge Foundation Labs. However, if the DataHub is to meet the needs and expectations of those using it we need to create a team of administrators, curators, developers and more – so we need your help!

There are lots of ways to get involved. We will need help with advocacy, triaging ideas and issues, and writing code. To help coordinate this we have created two new mailing lists dedicated to the DataHub, datahub-discuss for those who want to get involved in helping take the datahub forward and datahub-announce for announcements.1

If you’re interested in helping take DataHub forward please join datahub-discuss list and introduce yourself!

Ross Jones and Rufus Pollock, DataHub Coordinators


1 With the growth of the DataHub and CKAN it is now time for the DataHub to have its own dedicated space and community – there are now hundreds of CKAN instances whereas once upon time there was only one: (We renamed to in 2011 to avoid confusion between CKAN (the software) and the website!)

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